APEMIP: 4970 | AMI: 7739
Authorized CI Number: 0003870

Linked Credit Intermediary

Leader Casa Mediaçao Imobiliaria Lda.

Social Security: Rual Dr. Adriano Paim 142 Lajes 9760-214

Contacts for IC themes: [email protected]

Phone 00351 295 401 390

Registered with Banco de Portugal with the registration number of 0003870

https://www.bportugal.pt/intermediarios-credito/. Category: Linked credit intermediary.





Santander Totta

Credit Intermediation Services: Presentation or proposal of credit agreements to consumers; Assistance to consumers by carrying out preparatory acts or other pre-contractual management work in relation to credit agreements which have not been submitted or proposed by them.

Insurance Company: Hiscox Insurance Company Limited- policy 2516691 until 18/06/2023.


  1. a) The credit intermediary is noded to receive or deliver any amounts related to training, execution or early compliance of credit agreements, pursuant to Article 46 of Decree Law 81-C/2017 of 7 July.
  2. b) Activity subject to the supervision of Banco de Portugal