In the digital age in which we live, where we have little time and everything has to be a positive experience, there are details that make all the difference when it comes to closing a deal.


Selling a house is no longer like before: it is not enough to put it on the market and wait. Nowadays it is necessary to take care of the image and publish attractive photos, for example. In the midst of so much supply, those looking will always choose to visit the houses that look better. This is nothing new, but in the digital age in which we live, where we have little time and everything has to be a positive experience, there are details to which we really need to pay attention.

How can you positively highlight your home of the rest? Introducing her in a more attractive way. The real estate marketing techniques through which this can also be done are known as Home Staging. A new concept? Actually, no. But if you really want to sell your house pay close attention to these 10 important tips before you put it up for sale.

1. Start thinking about change

Most people accumulate a lot of things. This is evident, especially when you've lived in the same house for a long time. All the wardrobes are very full, in the garage or in the storage room you can hardly get in and maybe there is also a lot of furniture.

Doing a review of everything you have at home is a slow and laborious process, but it's worth doing it for a number of reasons. First, if you've already set up the house, it will save you time and effort at the time of change (which in itself is already a very stressful time when there are many things to organize). And secondly, if you already have fewer things to take with you, the change will probably cost less money, since the price of it is calculated based on the amount of things you often have and the capacity you need..

A house full of furniture and stuff doesn't sell. Therefore, start thinking about the change before putting the "for sale" sign.

2. Paint the house

If your budget allows, I recommend painting the house because it makes a better impression. Above all, you should paint whenever the walls have too many stains. A stained wall shows its history: it must be taken into account that the decoration leaves traces (for example, the frames), such as a bookcase or a lamp, and this is more noticeable if the owners are smokers. In general, a new coat of ink gives a fresh and clean impression. In addition, you can choose a neutral color and change it if the previous colors are not too clear.

3. Repair all faults

Most people aren't too convinced about buying a house that needs to be squeathed long before they can move out. Any visible damage during the visit will cause the potential buyer to see your home as "a construction project" and think you'll have to invest a lot of time and money to upgrade it. Also, if the house is in good condition and does not need many repairs, the buyer will have fewer excuses to negotiate the price. Therefore, arranging small imperfections is an investment that will be very profitable.

4. Clean until it shines

Everyone loves to walk into a house that smells clean. Although you clean the house often, it's not the same thing to do a thorough cleaning. Think about cleaning all the light switches, doors and especially the windows, because with the clean windows comes much more light.

5. Remove personal things

If a house has many personal belongings, the prospective buyer feels like an intruder during the visit and it costs him twice to imagine that he can live there. It's exactly the opposite effect of what we want to achieve.

You have to turn your home into a hotel: with a not very defined style, because that way you can attract a wider audience. And this is exactly the effect we want to achieve with this home preparation process. We want to attract as many audiences as possible.

6. Arrange: less is more

What does the order have to do with the sale of the house? We all like a house that gives the feeling of having a lot of space. In general, a residential property buyer is looking for a spacious house with sufficient storage. If the potential buyer enters a house where the current owners seem to have no space, they can easily lose interest in this house. It doesn't matter if the house is actually bigger than yours. For this reason, it is very important to have the house as organized as possible and with few things. Before a visitor, he walks all over the house and "picks up" everything that is "lost".

7. Take out furniture to open the spaces

In your day-to-day, it is super comfortable to have a sofa or armchair for each family member, but by removing this extra armchair or the chairs from the dining table that are in a corner, you will get a much larger room. Sometimes it is even necessary to take the furniture to open the spaces. I repeat, it may not be as comfortable to live in, but it is essential to create spaces that look larger to sell a house.

8. Invest in current decorative details

Some cushions, a more modern lamp, new curtains, candles, blankets or plants, are all examples of decorative details that help a lot to make the house attractive to your potential buyer. Details that do not need to be expensive and that in a correct positioning will make a difference.

9. Take professional photos

Once you've prepared the house and been clean, tidy and perfectly presentable, it's time to prepare the photos. A good photograph draws attention and captivates. If you are selling your house, it is essential to have a good portfolio of photos, since searching for real estate is done over the Internet. Those who want to buy a house, will first see the photos in the real estate portals before deciding whether or not to visit the place. Having a catalog of high quality photographs with the well presented house significantly increases the chances of attracting a greater number of customers. If your real estate consultant doesn't work with a professional photographer, I recommend you hire one on your own. It's a good investment.

10. Hire a Home Stager

In the same way that I recommend using photography services, I also recommend it with the Theme Home Staging. There are things you can do, but others, mainly because one is never truly objective when it comes to our own home or personal belongings, it is advisable to have a Home Staging professional. What is already a depersonalized space for you may not be for others. What appears to be a neutral style may not be as appealing to a large audience. A Home Staging professional can help you with these latest details, telling you clearly what you can stay and what should leave the house, ensuring a quick sale.

If you implement all these tips, I'm sure you'll attract a lot of visits from potential buyers. Obviously, there are 2 factors that are also vital for a successful sale; first and undoubtedly the selling price. You have to set the price according to the market, or your house will be left out of internet searches. And secondly, working with a professional real estate consultant will also make a difference. Find someone to tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.

Selling a house successfully is not just about deciding the sale price and posting some photos on a real estate portal. Selling an apartment requires planning, strategy, preparation and adaptation of the house, as soon as you coordinate all these factors, you can make the difference between selling or not selling.


Source: Idealista News | Article written by Caroline Jurgens, founding partner of Lúmina Home Staging