The ComprarCasa Network, reinforced the partnership with the assistance company Europ Assistance, with the presentation of a new Legal Protection service for, owners, buyers, landlords and tenants.

Aware of the opportunities and trends in the real estate market and the growing demand from the rental sector, this partnership offers, in addition to the ComprarCasa Assistance for landlords, the ComprarCasa Assistance for landlords and tenants, with rigorous advice and legal support.


Through this Assistance, we maintain the possibility of accessing a network of service providers of:

Home Assistance;
Legal Protection for the Home for owners, landlords and tenants;
Moving Service;
Permanent medical assistance;


Any question you want to see clarified, namely how you can take advantage of this attractive advantage, do not hesitate to contact the adherent ComprarCasa through which you are purchasing your property. He will know how to help you!