7 important tips for anyone who is trying to sell their property and close the deal as soon as possible.

In recent times, the crisis has taken everyone by surprise.

The good news is that the sector, even more timid, was one of the few that did not cause great losses to owners and investors, even demonstrating enormous resilience. In this way, with some tips, it is possible to negotiate your property quickly and without losing money in the transaction, always resuming that having the support of a realestate professional, will help you, without any kind of doubt (access the Owner's Guide).

To be able to negotiate your property, it takes strategy, technique and know the particularities of the sector. If you understand what attracts those interested, it will be easier to achieve attractive and fair value, but without being adamant with those who want to increase or improve their assets.

If you have a property and need to sell it, but do not want to accept the first proposal that arises, these tips are for you.

7 tips to negotiate your property without major difficulties and especially without regrets. Check!

  1. Have all the documentation updated if you want to sell the property quickly

After trading a property, the new owner needs to have all the documentation up to mind in order to make the transfer of ownership and attest to its purchase.

Therefore, those who seek a property and understand the market have as a requirement the purchase of a completely regular property, free of burdens or charges (penhoras and others).

If you want to sell your property quickly try to resolve all charges that can prevent the transaction even before disclosure. Anyone in a hurry to purchase a property will hardly accept the purchase and will eventually look for another option. All this because, as a rule, these regularizations take their time.

The ideal is to confirm, a priori, if the property is in legal conditions of sale, without disputes for inheritances or judicial penhoras. Remember that buying and selling real estate alone is already bureaucratic. Make it easier to sell.

  1. Leave the place clean and airy

When the client is getting to know your property, ensure that the place is clean and pleasant to be visited. We are all sensory; potential buyers, too. Leave everything properly organized and tidy to bring to the eyes of the buyer the brilliance of those who found their future LAR. This is the first way to get your attention and keep you interested in buying it, without having to think about a next property.

Remove anything that does not contribute to creating a good environment and, if possible, open the windows. The incidence of natural light contributes to a positive experience and still shows those interested that the property is a place with good air circulation and incidence of sunlight.

In addition to the sun contributing to energy savings, it also decreases the chances of humidity, mold and mold, villains of any real estate visit.

  1. Reshape what you need

If your property is in need of some damage and repairs, it is ideal to solve all this before receiving the first visit from a potential buyer. Make the necessary renovations, paint the walls and ceiling to make everything look and pay close attention to whether there are broken glasses, broken doorbell, among others.

Small details can make a difference, so please note the state of conservation of the floor, door handles, windows and cabinets.

  1. Be open to negotiations

Sometimes it is difficult to sell the property exactly for the amount you intended at first, so be open to trading with the interested party. Keep in mind that the timing is difficult for everyone.

If there is too much inflexibility on your part to talk about values, the buyer may quickly become disinterested. Try to understand the customer's situation and, if the value he presented is far below what he intended, try to show his points and reach an agreement that is good for both parties. It is often important to have a third, equidistant, to negotiate for you.

Have a margin for trading. This way, you won't lose either money or the sale.

  1. Pay attention to the sales ad

To sell property fast, it is essential that advertising is appealing. It's no use having the most amazing property in the world if it reaches those interested in an incomplete or unsatisfactory way.

Try to detail the characteristics of the property well.

Recharge qualities such as location, security, breadth, and customization possibilities. Make contact forms clearly visible for easy scheduling of visits.

  1. Register good images for dissemination

In addition to a good description of the ad, it is essential to show the potential buyer how is the property. Take good photos and, if possible, hire a professional specialized in the real estate market. Use natural light whenever you can to enhance the outside areas and show the positives that the environment has.

Inside the property, look for angles that favor the divisions.

Do not forget that the photos of the listing of the property are the first invitation to motivate customers and should be quite attractive.

Oh! And do not forget to remove from the images any and all personal objects or that indicates lack of organization on the part of the owner.

  1. Disclose the property in real estate portals

Now that you know how to record the images and correctly describe the characteristics of your property, it's time to know where to advertise it.

One of the most right tips is to look for professionals in the sector who will help you; in addition to these, you can always identify the specialized portals.

For V/Help, see our Owner's Guide.