Applications for the Buildings + Sustainable program have opened, and this year the support for remodeling or doing work at home is greater.

Applications for the second phase of the Buildings + Sustainable programme recently opened – June 22, 2021 – and this year government support for remodeling or doing housework is higher: 30 million euros. In this week's Article of Deco Alert we talked about this initiative of the Executive, namely on the expenses included adhering to the program.

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Casas eficientes: que despesas estão cobertas pelos apoios do Estado?

I want to take advantage of the summer period to do small home works and remodeling. I have read several of your advices on how to improve the energy performance of homes and receive a dispayment for the expenses that are incurred. Can you enlighten me on what expenses are covered by the Environmental Fund's More Sustainable Buildings Program?

Your question is really timely! Recently opened a second edition of the Environmental Fund's More Sustainable Buildings Program for applications.

In addition to remodeling your home benefiting from this program, we list the expenses that may be included:

  • Replacement of inefficient windows by efficient windows of energy class equal to "A+";
  • Application or replacement of thermal insulation in roofs, walls or floors, using materials of natural base (ecomaterials) or incorporating recycled materials, as well as the replacement of entrance doors: roofs and / or floors, walls and entrance doors;
  • Heating and/or cooling systems for the environment and/or sanitary hot water (AQS) using renewable energy, of energy class "A+" or higher, in particular: heat pumps, solar thermal systems, boilers and biomass stoves with high efficiency;
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy production equipment for self-consumption with or without storage;
  • Interventions aimed at water efficiency by replacing water use devices in the housing by more efficient ones, installation of solutions that allow the intelligent monitoring and control of water consumption and installation of rainwater use systems;
  • Interventions for the incorporation of bioclimatic architecture solutions, involving the installation or adaptation of fixed elements of buildings such as shadings, greenhouses and green roofs or facades, favoring natural-based solutions.

All expenses incurred after 7 September 2020 benefit from this program. However, we advise you to carefully check the requirements and eligibility criteria for each measure typology.

If you need to clarify questions, support to formalize the application or more information contact the Energy Advisory Office (GAE). You can schedule a free face-to-face or telephone consultation with GAE, a project activity – STEP (Solutions to Combat Energy Poverty), funded by the EU H2020 programme, by phone number 213710224, email [email protected] or by filling out the form.

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