The ban on movement between municipalities in force in the coming days kicks off this Friday. Is it possible to make visits?


From this Friday (March 26, 2021), at midnight, and until the next day 5 April 2021 - includes the Easter weekend - it is forbidden to move between municipalities. The goal is tomake it right for people to leave their area of residence in the days leading up to this festive season. The general duty of home collection remains, which means that citizens can only leave for authorized travel. Since this rule will be in place throughout the next week, will it be possible to make visits to real estate? We explain on a legal basis.

"Today is the first of eleven days of obligation to 'confinement to the county of residence'. This is the general principle. Do not leave the county corresponding to the household, unless for health reasons or for other reasons of imperative urgency", begins by explaining the lawyer Ricardo Matos Fernandes, in statements to the idealist / news.

Article 11, no. 2, of Decree No. 9/2020 of November 21, to which the standard regulating the current state of emergency refers establishes exceptions to this general principle. According to the jurist who works in Real Law and Real Estate Mediation, these are special situations, motivated and linked to the exercise, by themselves,of professional activities of a public or private nature. There are also situations carried out with school activities or training, occupational or day centers. As well as for participation in acts in procedural acts with judicial entities or in acts of the competence of notaries, lawyers, solicitors, conservatives and officers of records, as well as for attendance in public services, provided that they have a proof of the respective scheduling, which allows the continuity of business closing activity and completion of real estate transactions.

There are also reasons related to travel necessary for departure from continental national territory, non-resident citizens to places of proven residence, in the fulfillment of sharing parental responsibilities, as determined by agreement between the holders of the same or by the competent court and also for return to the home.

"Now, there is no provision for an exception for visits to real estate by those interested in its acquisition, or even lease. In the same way that it is prevented from moving to other municipalities, other than that of residence, for shopping, or other acts of consumption", stresses Ricardo Matos Fernandes, adding that, of course, "such a possibility of this trip is maintained for real estate agents, in the exercise of their professional activities".

The solution, in this case, as explained by the lawyer and trainer in real estate, goes through virtual visits,using viodeocall or other technological means of viewing at a distance, namely for visits by interested parties residing outside the county where the advertised property is located.  

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