With the dynamics of the real estate market in recent years, the increase in the number of classified ad portals and the ease of internet contacts on social networks has become much easier to sell and buy a property.

With this many people have sought to negotiate their property on their own, without the help of a qualified professional most often to save the "cost" of a specialized and professionalized follow-up and with this many end up doing a bad business and even going through undesirable situations.

Unfortunately many companies/people illegally practice the profession of companies/real estate agents, which is a crime. Among them lawyers and other professionals who, by their Networking, end up bridging the gap between owners and potential buyers.

The real estate professional is the safest way to trade your property and avoid doing a bad deal, falling into traps or being fooled by "stratagems".

Why should I hire a real estate agent?

The real estate agent is the most qualified professional to guide you because in addition to having real experience in the subject will bring you more tranquility when negotiating your property.

The real estate professional knows the reality of the market in your area and often already has a buyer client for your property or the ideal property for you. Besides being a qualified professional, inserted in a structure with the necessary licensing to perform the function.

How to hire a reliable real estate agent?

The first is to verify thatwe work for/in a Real Estate Mediation Company (EMI) duly certified and enrolled in IMPIC.

The investment in the selection of a real estate agent inserted in a certified EMI to advise and represent you trading or in the search for a property is paid for the numerous advantages that you will get in addition to the significant decrease in the possibility of being deceived or doing a bad deal.

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