What is the appropriate price for which you should put your property for sale?

Knowing the estimated value of a particular property, especially when what is intended is to gauge what is the appropriate value that we should request for the sale of it, is very useful.

From that value, we will be able to perceive the amount up to which we will be able to search for a new property in the market.

Therefore, we advise you to consult experienced and knowledgeable people in the real estate market:

ComprarCasa members are qualified professionals to be able to guide you on the estimated value of a property, whether you want to sell or buy. Consult the store nearest you that will certainly help you. 

Note: The report will be performed using the automated price estimation tool developed by MetaSearch Casafari. This will be a rough estimate that may not match the reality of your property. Please note that this Estimate is not valid for mortgage guarantee purposes and is not subject to supervision. It has no contractual validity, does not hold any entity of the CompraCasa Network responsible, nor does it constitute an offer to contract or carry out any type of transaction.


When selecting this option, you will probably be contacted by a ComprarCasa professional who will help you to adapt, as best as possible, the commercial value estimate of your property.

If you need an effective Market Assessment, ask the BuyCasa professionals for advice. Certainly, they will indicate you a credible and legitimate entity to carry out this service.