The dates you need to know for irs delivery in 2022. Write it down on the schedule so you don't get out of any time.


The dates of the IRS 2022, begin at the beginning of the year, more precisely, in January, but in the following months there are still tax deadlines to meet. In the current year 2022, we talked about the gains and expenses of 2021. That is, the IRS delivered in the current year, always refers to the previous income year, so the  IRS to be delivered in 2022, refers to the income of the year 2021. The deadlines to be met are divided into several stages. In today's article, the idealist/news presents the list of the most important dates. 

  • Until 31 January 2022: it was addressed to landlords who did not issue electronic rent receipts and who would have to declare them to finances by electronic or paper transmission;
  • Until February 15, 2022: communication of the household on the Finance Portal, in case of changes. If nothing changed (deaths, births, divorces, etc.), it was only necessary to confirm the existing data;
  • Until February 25, 2022: IRS invoice verification took place on the  e-invoice portal.

You also know what are the next irs  2022 delivery dates:

Claim deductions from IRS collection until March 31

Until March 31 , 2022, taxpayers can consult, confirm the amounts of the deductions to the collection and complain, if applicable. You can consult in the Finance Portal the list of all expenses that will be accounted for deduction purposes to the collection of IRS 2022, for 2021. You must access the portal and verify that the displayed values are correct. 

Since March 15, it is possible to claim invoice data from the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) if you find that there is incorrect information. Please note, you can only claim collection deductions for family overheads. Other bills such  as health, education, housing can be changed by you as long as you have the invoices to prove those same expenses.

It is also at this point that taxpayers can decide which entities they wish to pay the IRS or VAT. To facilitate the Finance Portal provides a list of all entities. 


Delivery date of the IRS declaration and its settlement: April 1 to June 30 

The irs 2022 delivery date runs from April 1 st to June 30th . So during these months don't forget to fill out the IRS statement through the Finance Portal.  

The delivery of the IRS is made exclusively through the online portal, however, if you have difficulties with the process, the Customs Tax Authority, provides places of digital service assisted in institutions such as parish councils and also finance services.


IRS settlement note and refund until July 31

AT will send you the IRS 2022 settlement note and therefore the repayment deadline runs until July 31, 2022, if you have submitted the IRS statement within the stipulated deadline. 

IRS payment for 2021 to August 31

If in your case, you have to return some value, that is, you have to pay the IRS, you have another month to do so: until August 31st. In the event that the taxpayer is unable to settle the amount in its entirety, it is possible to claim payment in instalments


These are the IRS 2022 dates that you should know and point to not miss any deadline and avoid unpleasant surprises, such as fines or losses of possible refunds.


In Idealista News, March 29, 2022