We've used this phrase a number of times.

In addition, every day we hear and read the fundamental role (by the negative) that real estate (particularly the residential sector) has in the generation of greenhouse gases.


In view of this reality, the European Commission has been developing a regulatory framework that places concerns related to ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance, within investment decisions. 


Today, being Green, it looks great and is clearly a concern of generations.


In this sense, The ComprarCasa Network, decided to pluck with its small grain of sand in search of leaving its Ecological Footprint.


An international NGO, Tree-Nation (the Tree Nation) whose mission is to create and boost reforestation, through the planting of trees and the like, was associated in projects distributed throughout much of the world.


To embodied this challenge, the "ComprarCasa Portugal" Forest was born, which will grow as the Network and all those who actively engage in such important action are "planting trees" in the various existing projects.


We challenge you all to plant His tree.


All this commitment has already allowed the site ComprarCasa to be considered as "Net Zero Website" (consult the stamp that appears on the page of the site). In the end, a tree will be planted to compensate for the CO2 generated by the visulaization action of the site, thus contributing to the carbon neutrality of the same!