Given the situation that Europe is living in, many have been the solidarity and spontaneous movements with a view to supporting with the actions that are available to each.

The moment, much more than institutional, is personal.

Each of us, as human beings that we are, will feel the call very much and react as your heart stipulates.


In this sense, it is with great satisfaction and pride that we see, with each passing day, that more people have started solidarity actions in their "neighbourhoods" with a view to collecting everything and anything else for the support of the Ukrainian people.


A true well-being by v/ feeling and instinct of Social Responsibility that so characterizes your, our, DNA.


The needs range from the most basic to the eventual personal fulfillment. Let's focus on the basics.... Which are already a real storm: food, clothing, housing.


As a Brand, our focus is on the need for Housing, or, in the specific case, a SHELTER!

Thus, we join a magnificent initiative of our Software House, Casafari.


A page has been developed in a perfectly resemable time where anyone can identify their own property(s) that they can share to support refugees.

In addition to the housing possible to put as support, the page also allows the registration of the interested party himself, refugee who needs housing.


The more product you have identified, the greater the potential number of people we can help.


Wouldn't there be any owners out there who wouldn't mind supporting such a worthy cause???