With the digitization of the real estate market, much has changed in recent years. The internet became the main means to advertise a property and win sales. Communication between agents, owners and potential buyers was restructured and required new skills. The covid-19 pandemic itself eventually intensified this reality.

With this, it is necessary to pay attention to some details when advertising your home or apartment on the Internet, ranging from quantifying the value of the property to making its description and illustrating with photos, always being an excellent advice, identify the real estate professional who can help you in such an important task.

However, for those who want to do it personally and directly, we share with you 7 tips. Check:

Is it really a good time to sell a property?

Objectively, the answer to this question is for sure yes! It may not seem logical, but the housing market has had a very interesting dynamic since the beginning of the pandemic. Probably because people started spending more time at home, and so they invested more in comfort and in suitable environments. According to data from INE and Banco de Portugal, the real estate market recorded values very similar to those given in 2019, a fact that corroborates the dynamics that have been experienced, even in a pandemic year.

Where to start?

According to Google data, 60% of the time a person spends buying a property happens on the internet; from research to closing the business. That's why it's so important that your property is published on the internet through advertisements. But don't forget.... at the end of the day, the great differentiation is in the PERSON. Identifying the right professional to help you may be the key to this equation.

Set a price

First of all, assign a value to the property. Think about the location, infrastructure, existing valences in proximity, market value, among others. All these factors can influence the value you want to trade your property. Keep in mind that at the time of a trade, potential buyers or tenants tend to suggest a lower price. Therefore, always think about this possibility and define the maximum amount of money that is willing to lower the value of the property. And, remember, it will always be easier to be a third party (no sentimental connection to the property) to manage this negotiation.

Search for platforms

One of the alternatives to advertise a property is to do it individually. There are several platforms that offer this type of service, both paid and free.

Should be very careful if the site is reliable and secure. We always advise you to look for a real estate professional.

It is necessary to confirm whether the property you want to advertise on the chosen platform gathers all the legal documentation. It is also important to be aware of the rules of each platform, as they help the buyer to have more confidence and increase the credibility of the service.

It can be, effectively, a real rest to find the proper professional help.

Photos of the property

Photographs are central elements of a property listing. It's critical to show photos in your ad so that a potential buyer or tenant has a minimal idea of what the structure is like and how the property is. An ad without images makes people have no idea what the property is like and removes the possibility of business. It is very common to find photos of low quality properties, shaky, with inadequate angles or even blurry. To enhance your property, make images of all fractions, always with the best possible quality, so that they draw the attention of potential stakeholders.

Description of the property in the advertisement

As well as good photographs, to get the attention of potential buyers or tenants, the ad should have a good description. But here we are not just referring to a detailed description of each division. You have to be creative. Use it to generate some kind of connection with who's reading the ad. Tell a story about what it was like to live in that house, the moments you spent in each room, and how that environment has sentimental value for you.

Talk about the location, what are the main options of leisure, health or commerce in the area, how is the neighborhood and what the neighborhood has to offer. Remember to reinforce the situation of the property and mention charges such as condominium.

Customer service

If you are advertising your property by yourself, it is very important to ensure good service, answering all the questions of the person(s) interested. Schedule the times to schedule visits well and never book with more than one interested party at the same time. Keep the house properly tidy during the visit and minimize the aspects and parts that can over-customize the property.

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