ComprarCasa is the first and only National Real Estate Net with ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification.

We are professionals specialized in your area with specific services for owners and buyers.

I am an owner | I want to know the market price of my area and help me estimate the market value of my home so that I can get the best price possible.

I'm a buyer | I am looking for professionals who know in depth the area I like and the properties that are available.


We are a Real Estate Network integrated exclusively by members of APEMIP (Association of Real Estate Professionals and Companies in Portugal), guaranteeing professionalism and protecting the rights of consumers and users.

Today APEMIP occupies a prominent position in the national real estate market, either for its continuous commitment to affirm the role of the real estate broker in our society, or for the conquest of a larger share in the real estate transaction market, in line with the motto “Strengthen Mediation , Boost the Economy and Serve Consumers ”.

For its part, the UCI (Union of Real Estate Credits) is a Financial Institution specializing in granting housing loans to individuals through professionals in the real estate sector. UCI is the result of a joint venture between two of the largest financial groups in Europe: Grupo Santander, Grupo BNP Paribas. From this union comes the commitment to help to develop the real estate mediation sector, putting at your fingertips the best tools that make it possible to boost the real estate business.

In this sense, it is perfectly logical that in June 2004 these two reference entities in the real estate mediation sector (APEMIP and UCI) entered into a collaboration agreement giving rise to ComprarCasa - Rede Imobiliária da Apemip.

ComprarCasa starts its commercial activity in August 2004 based on the mission of “Being the Largest and Best National Real Estate Network offering multiple services to real estate agents, based on the concept of common brand”, enabling and enhancing synergies that transform into added values ​​for the market, namely for you who want to sell, buy, rent or sell a particular property.


ComprarCasa offers a wide coverage of services to its customers. The network's commitment is to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the real estate intermediation process. Final customer satisfaction is the main objective.

More than 150 offices between Portugal and Spain make ComprarCasa one of the main real estate networks in the Iberian Peninsula.

Our DNA is what sets us apart from the rest.


ComprarCasa, Where Stories End Well!

Quality Policy ComprarCasa

ComprarCasa is committed to providing an excellent service to the various players in the real estate mediation sector, providing for this the best tools that make it possible to enhance the real estate business. This business concept, although original, has traditional values ​​in its genesis:

Professionalism; Effort; Capacity and Competence.

The policy adopted by the ComprarCasa Network consists of working, under a Quality Management System, economical, effective and dynamic, documented and checked regularly to continuously improve its suitability and effectiveness, systematically renewing itself with a view to the continuous improvement of the company's performance. , thus ensuring the adjustment to the needs of internal and external customers, enabling it to achieve the objective of offering the customer a quality service and added value.

The quality policy of the ComprarCasa Network provides a benchmark when establishing and periodically reviewing the objectives of the Network and ensuring compliance with the requirements of the standard, Legislation, Regulation, Quality System implemented and other requirements applicable to the activity.

ComprarCasa, Where Stories End Well!