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Homeowners can make several mistakes when selling their property without the help of a real estate consultant, some of the most common include:


✔ Overvaluing the property: Setting an unrealistic price for the property can discourage potential buyers and make it difficult to sell the property.


✔ Not presenting the property well: Not presenting the property well or not making the necessary repairs can make it less attractive to potential buyers.


✔ Not advertising the property effectively: Not reaching a large enough audience or not using the right marketing channels can limit the number of potential buyers who see the property.


✔ Not being prepared to negotiate: Being unwilling to negotiate the price or conditions can make it difficult to complete a sale.


✔ Not understanding the legal process: Not familiarizing yourself with the legal process of selling a property, such as property transfer tax, notarial and land registration fees, can lead to errors or delays in the sale.


✔ Do not hire a real estate agent: Not hiring a professional can make it difficult to navigate the process since the owner may not have the necessary knowledge to negotiate and close a sale.


✔ Failure to prepare property documents: Failure to prepare property documents before putting it on the market can lead to surprises during the sale process, such as legal issues that could have been resolved before the sale.


It is important to keep in mind that the sale of a property can be a complex process and it is best to consult a real estate consultant to avoid these mistakes and ensure a smooth sale.


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